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"Meeting of three painters in one painting,we call it

"Crazy Fusıon"
While our styles are so different, seeing them in one composition
what would it be like?

Despite our cultural, social and spiritual differences
we signed  by painting on a single canvas.
Our philosophy is

The Power of Togetherness...

Separately, we are already special,

but together we are complete! "


About the Artısts

Despite the changing perspectives according to the psychological and personality structures shaped in different socio-cultural areas, these three artists who come together on the same canvas, open the door to endless possibilities with the acceptance of differences, create new visions, use the enriching power of differences rather than discriminating, emphasizing the universal integrity of human being as a social being. They aim at enlightenment in the field of awareness by using art in the separated world we live in.

Nasrah Nefer

Nasrah Nefer Artist and Founder of the Art Group NAS ART

For more than 30 years, the artist had the vision of creating a joint picture with other artists on a canvas. The idea behind it was to harmonize and transform social and cultural differences, different emotional moods and mental concepts as a conflict or area of tension in a freely associated encounter. She felt that this kind of collaboration, creation, could have a psychosocial catharsis effect.
In 2020 she founded the artist group NAS ART with the two Turkish artists Ayşe Akalın Yalcındağ and Serpil Topaloğlu. They started an excitening,  creative journey...

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Vita turkish

Ayşe Akalın Yalcındağ


Artist Ayşe Akalın Yalcındağ; eternal freedom of the soul
advocating the necessity of being himself and living her life by making free choices, reflects the obstacles that stand in her way and the naive rebellion against them on his canvases. Her humanistic personality is an indication of his love for all living things.especially her love for nature and animals. In the abstract paintings of the artist who is an expressionist, creates the opportunity  to see the revolts, pains, desires, joy and sadness in the inner world of the human being expressed with the language of colors. An artist who knows no boundaries, defends freedom; She describes the freedom she cannot find in the real world with an expressive style in her compositions with themes such as space, infinity and emptiness.

Vita turkish

Serpıl Topaloğlu


Artist Serpil Topaloğlu was born in Giresun in 1964. After completing her primary, secondary and high school education in Aydın, she started her active art life in 1990 and opened many exhibitions. In the exhibition he opened in Cappadocia in 2006 and the symposium he attended, her artist friends named her Butterfly because of his naive personality, and from that day on, the artist who wrote butterflies under her works was known as the painter Butterfly. now this name has become his name in art. The artist, who adopts the philosophy of existence and seeks the truth behind the existence and objective reality in the life he questions, reflects this search on the canvas with an impressionism style form of expression.  
She became an Art Therapist in 2021.

Vita turkish




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