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"Following the language of my soul is a great adventure. Deciphering this language gives a conscious insight into the depth of one's own existence and initiates a dialog between soul and mind."

Nasrah Nefer is a multi-talented professional and a tremendously zealous person at heart. She is a certified nurse, a Reiki expert, a dancer, a qualified life coach, a massage therapist, and above all, a very creatively proficient artist. Nasrah was born and bred in Heidelberg. She has a German-Egyptian descent but has been traveling all her life expanding her skill set and exploring a diverse range of avenues to curb her thirst for creativity, knowledge, and the compassion to help others.

Nasrah has been called a multi-disciplinary artist by the Singulart Gallery. She is a person with a wild imagination that knows no boundaries. Staying inside narrow shapes is not her style. She loves to open up and transform existing scenes into new creations using all kinds of artistic techniques. The prime focus of all her artwork is on abstract style, pittura metafisica, and maximalism.

The deep adoration and inspiration from the Bohemian Lifestyle is also quite evident in her paintings.

After completing school and nursing studies she got the chance to pursue her artistic ambitions in painting by privately studying art in Italy for two years while living in Francesco Santini`s Art Scool in Sardinia at the same time. She continued her artistic training in Germany, later studied Egyptology, Islamic Science, and Archeology at the University of Cologne, and completed training in Contemporary and Egyptian Dance. She was on stage more than 20 years, opened a Lİfe Style Shop in Bonn and two Event Restaurants in Cologne, where she could bring together different art expressions and transform them into excitening Events.

Side by side she trained in different massage and healing techniques as well and absolved Psychology and NLP diploma courses , got Master Lfe Coach Certificate.

Apart from creating masterpieces of art herself, Nasrah has also been teaching arts to other enthusiasts. She has had numerous international exhibitions and has had her art presented and published on various art platforms around the world.

These projects are a reflection of her inspiration and act as a mirror for her artistic expressions. Her artwork has been recognized and appreciated by several international awards including the 4th Leonardo da Vinci Prize (The universal Artist), the International Caravaggio Art Prize (Great Masters of Art) and the PARIS ART Prize 2022.

Nasrah is the founder of an enterprising Artist Group called N A S Art, founded with the Artists Ayşe Yalcındağ and Serpil Topaloğlu. She helps unite the cultures of the Orient and Occident in herself and her art.

Inspired by her artistic magnificence, author Erdal Beser has published a book on her life called "Ruhun Ayriksi Tangosu" in Turkey.


Exploring a diverse range of platforms and mediums to curb her artistic desires, she translated Prof. Dr. Yelda Özsunar`s Book "Universal Symphony" into German and published it in 2022 on Amazon. Her artistic skills have also been appreciated and recognized in an Art Book in MAMAG Modern Art Museum / Vienna called "Art from Leonardo da Vinci to today" , published October 2022.

Nasrah aspires to grow as an artist and use her paintings as a medium to express her emotions. Her deep inner desire to keep on creating new art forms for the world to cherish is embedded in her heart and soul. Beauty is her muse. Nasrah is on a quest of transforming all not-so-beautiful things into something extraordinary and turning invisible objects into masterpieces of art full of brightness and optimistic light.

Art Life Couch Certificate
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